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Executive Director of The BCSHI Attended The UK – China Trade and Economic Forum

On the afternoon of 17 June 2014, Natalie Liao, the Executive Director of the British Chinese Society of Health Informatics, and the Secretary-General Bing Wang, attended the UK – China Trade and Economic Forum in Central Hall Westminster, London. In the interview Natalie said that Chinese enterprises investment in Britain rose by 20 percent last year which could be a good news for international cooperation. Especially in the health field, There are many projects signed by UK and china during the past few months in an amount of RMB¥ 2.5 billion . Comparing with the continental Europe, the United Kingdom has an advantage to Chinese consumers in needs of culture, health and livable city areas builing.

Currently, among the EU, the United Kingdom is the third largest trading partner and the second largest source of actual investment of china. It is also the main destination for overseas investment of China . In the first season, the British trade grew by 21 percent to $ 23.3 billion. For last 2 years, China put an amount of $ 13 billion to the United Kingdom in Mergers and acquisitions, which amount invested was more than the sum of the previous 30 years’. In the financial sphere, China sincerely hope to expand financial cooperation between China and Britain. simultaneously, the London offshore RMB Market has been developing in a hopeful way. In addition to these, Premier of China, Keqiang Li, entitled an article “China and Britain Are on a Winning Course,” published on The Times. All of these signals show that the current British- Sino relations will be on top in

It is reported that during the visit of Prime Minister Li Keqiang, Chinese and British sides will sign the agreement between the government and more than 40 commercial agreements, mainly related to energy, investment, culture, education, technology, finance and many other fields, with a total amount of about 300 billion U.S. dollars. Which renewed a record of the UK-Chna Trade.

Accompanied by other top leaders from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, People’s Bank of China, Li Keqiang also invited more than 200 entrepreneurs to join his visiting group . During the visit, they will work with British counterparts in a full discussion, look to expand the opportunities for cooperation. Promote and implement a large number of Sino-British projects. Under the auspicious condition,Executive leaders from The British Chinese Sociery of Health Informatics and UKChinaHealthPartner,Natalie Liao and Bing Wang, have showed their ambition to this historic opportunity and create a new chapter in Sino-British cooperation in the field of Health informatisation.

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