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Some Medical Institutions of Medical Equipment Tenders

12 June 2014 15:41:50

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Procurement Project Number: 201404105027000A2465
Purchasing items: Goods >> Audio Equipment >> special equipment >> Speech Language Laboratory Equipment
Entrusted by the purchaser, the Tianjin Municipal Government Procurement Center will open bidding on the part of medical institutions implementing government procurement of medical equipment, qualified bidders are welcome to participate in the bidding.
Project name and number
(A) Project name: some medical institutions of medical equipment
(B) Item Number: TGPC-2014-A-0698

Second, purchase content
The first package: Demolition of Hedong District, Lu Jie community health service centers dimensional color Doppler ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus 1 set.
The second package: Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine First Affiliated Hospital of ultra-high-end color Doppler ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus 1 sets, twelve-lead ECG analyzer 15 sets.
The third package: Hedong District, Tianjin, Zhongshan Gate Hospital dental panoramic X-ray machine sets.
The fourth package: Tianjin hearing impaired hospital hyperbaric chamber a single set.
Examination and approval by the finance department, the project allowed the first three bags of imported products to the tender, but also accept to meet the needs of domestic products to compete. The rest of the package does not accept imported products bid. The investment required to provide products that bidders bid detailed configuration list, which is recognized as the bidder after successful supplier online publicity, and as a basis for acceptance. List should include detailed configuration and technical standards, and is consistent with the content of the product delivered to the instructions provided by the procurement.

Third, the substantive eligibility requirements
(A) The bidder shall provide a copy of the Medical Device Registration Certificate cast products.
(B) if the bidder is a manufacturer of cast products are required to provide their medical device manufacturers license copy. If the bidder is not cast products manufacturer, shall provide a copy of their medical equipment business license business.
Fourth, the time required
(A) the purchase of tender documents the time, place and price of tender documents: June 12, 2014 to July 1, 2014, except for the daily 9:00-12:00,14:00-17:00 (legal holidays ) administrative licensing Service Center in Tianjin, No. 146 on the second floor window to get (need to bring U-Key Tianjin electronic certification Center issued stamped copy of business license and official seal). Tender documents priced at 200 yuan / the tender once sold are not refundable.

(B) The online response time: at 9:00 on June 12th, 2014 to at 8:30 on July 3, 2014 at the Tianjin Municipal Government Procurement Center Network “I want to bid” and respond (using electronic authentication center issued Tianjin the U-Key, specific Tianjin receive electronic authentication methods, see Home – agency certification process, website:
If the bidder does not get the paper in the tender documents within the specified time, you can answer the first online, on opening day attendance began to get the paper before the tender documents, you can get invitation to tender.
(C) Registration and paper submission of tender documents the time and place: at 9:00 on July 3, 2014 9:30 administrative licensing service center in Tianjin No. 146 on the second floor window (using U Tianjin Electronic Certification Center issued -Key).
(D) The opening online decryption time: at 9:30 on July 3, 2014 to 9:45, to complete the opening bid is valid tender decrypted (using U-Key Tianjin Electronic Certification Center issued) within the stipulated time.
(E) The date of the successful supplier must bid announcement within two working days to the Tianjin Municipal Government Procurement Center to receive bid notices, overdue recipients deemed to receive. Successful supplier shall complete the signing of government procurement contracts and procedures in accordance with the time limits prescribed.
Fifth, the purchaser
Demolition of Hedong District, Lu Jie Community Health Center
Address: Hedong District, Wan Street, No. 200 Daxinzhuang
Tel 022 -84294183
First Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Address: Nankai District, Anshan West Road, No. 314
Tel 022 -23746989
Hedong District, Zhongshan Gate Hospital
Address: Hedong District, Zhongshan Gate No. 3 North Road Street Centre
Tel 022 -84287069
Tianjin Hospital of hearing
Address: Weiguo Road Hedong District No. 105
Tel 022 -24341753

Sixth, the procurement agency
Tianjin Municipal Government Procurement Center
Address: Hedong District, Tianjin Hongxing Road 79 Administrative Licensing Service Center on the second floor
Postal Code: 300161
Tel 022 -24538319
Fax 022 -24538304
Contact: Wang Yongfeng

Procurement Unit: Demolition Lu Jie Hedong District Community Health Center
First Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Hedong District, Zhongshan Gate Hospital
Tianjin Hospital of hearing
Procurement agencies: Tianjin Municipal Government Procurement Center

12, June, 2014

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Tendering:Intelligent Building System Equipment Procurement And Installation of Government Procurement

Please Contact

Zhong Hai Jian Cai International Tendering Co., Ltd. entrusted Affiliated Hospital of Gansu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Gansu intelligent building system equipment procurement and installation of government procurement through open tender for procurement, please meet the qualifications of suppliers to participate.

A tender Document Number: COCITC-ZC-GZYFY-1406

Second, the tender: The project is divided into a bag, Annex.

Third, supplier qualification requirements:

1, the supplier shall comply with “People’s Republic of China Government Procurement Law” Article 22 of supplier qualification requirements: the ability to independently bear civil liability; has a good business reputation and sound financial accounting system; has to fulfill the contract have to pay taxes and social security funds track record;; equipment and technical expertise necessary to participate in government procurement activities in the first three years, no major violations recorded in operating activities;

2, must tender the production company or the product manufacturer to obtain the tender authorized agents;

3, with a qualified computer information system integration, project manager, senior project manager with system integration qualification (project manager does not undertake construction projects), technical director with senior technical titles;

4, the project consortium does not accept the tender;

5, other bidding documents;

Fourth, obtain tender documents and tender documents price:

July 7, 2014 to July 11, 2014 00:00-24:00 transaction of public resources in Gansu Province Bureau website ( online purchase. Price of Bidding Documents: 200 yuan / copies.

V. Information Registration Information:

In order to standardize business processes and trading platform to provide users with convenient and efficient service, those who intend to participate in trading activities of public resources in Gansu Province of the tenderer, the tender agent, bidders must first transaction of public resources in Gansu Province, online registration, and obtain a digital certificate before they conduct business.

After successful registration, re-registration system to register bidders to participate in project bidding and tendering system generated based on “registration number” Buy intends to participate in the project and pay the bid bond tender documents, tender “registration number” system will immediately be sent to the bidders phone.

Sixth, the deadline for submission of tender documents and opening Location: before July 29, 2014 14:30 pm (Beijing time), limit no longer be accepted. Opening Time: July 29, 2014 14:30 pm (Beijing time), the tender documents submitted and opening Location: Gansu Province Bureau of Public Resource Exchange (Hing Yan Chengguan District of Lanzhou City, No. 68) The third opening hall

Seven, contact name and phone purchases

Procurement: Gansu Medical College Hospital

Contact: Bo Cunliang

Tel 0931 -8638029

Eight, bidding agency: in the sea to build international Tendering Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 115 Qingyang Road, Lanzhou, Australia blue door B2 sixth

Postal Code: 730030

Contact: Zhaomei Fang, Zhao Qingxin, Dongquan Yu

Tel 0931 -7842893

Fax :0931 -8479509-605


Nine, bid bond submitted a special account:

Beneficiary: Gansu Provincial Bureau of Public Resource Exchange

Account: 660800012189

Bank: Bank Branch in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province High-tech

Line number: 313821054001

Address: Chengguan District of Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, Yan Qing Garden Road Day 1296

Tel 0931 -8276931

Deadline for submission of bid bond: Submit 48 hours before the deadline for tender documents.

(1) bid bond submitted by bank wire transfer, does not accept other forms of bid bond.

(2) The bidder must submit a deposit by wire transfer from a basic account and bid bond unit names must be registered with the name of the bidder consistent unit not in the name of branches, offices or other institutions to submit.

(3) the bidder in the process of bid bond wire transfer formalities, the bank wire single postscript field must be filled and only the corresponding tender bid bond tenders (package) 8 digit registration number. Do not fill or wrongly filled tender “registration number” column in the postscript money order, margin trading system does not recognize the corresponding project tenders (package) will result in the tender invalid; fails tenders (package) individually submit Margin will result in the tender invalid.

Bid bond other issues of public resources can be viewed Gansu trading network “bid bond for Guidance.”

Zhong Hai Jian Cai International Tendering Co., Ltd

04 July 2014

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The Establishment of the Telemedicine Health Informatization Council of Chinese health Information Society


Recently, an inaugural meeting for the Telemedicine Health Informatization Council of Chinese Health Information Society was held in Zhengzhou, the committee election was also finished during the meeting. Zhao Jie, the secretary of discipline inspection commission of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University Discipline Committee, who is also a Director of Digital Medical Engineering Technology Research Center Henan, was elected as the chairman of the council .

After the establishment, the Telemedicine Health Informatization Council of Chinese health Information Society will provide a channel to joint domestic institutions and scholars in telemedicine field, and dedicated to development in telemedicine specialist construction, technology development, personnel training, practice applications. The main task is focusing on academic exchanges, and strengthen the organization, and strengthening the construction of website and database, carrying out the work of telemedicine science, technology and consulting services, expanding public awareness, supporting technological innovation and government decision-making.

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Excecutive Director of The BCSHI Attended The DHF14


The annual conference, Digital Health Forum 2014 (DHF14) held by Royal Society of Medicine which is taking place on the 24th of June in London, provided information to attendees and their organizations. Natalie Liao, the Executive Director of the British Chinese Society of Health Informatics attended the forum.

There were three keynotes during the DHF14:

Bringing Big Data Innovations into Care Delivery Operations : Harold F. Wolf III (Hal); Senior Health Care and Informatics Executive; Former COO of Kaiser Permanente

An Investor’s View of the Future of Digital Health: Jack Young, Director, Qualcomm Life Fund

How digital technology can transform C21st healthcare: George Freeman, MP

Apart from the main course, there were four panels among these global leaders in the health industry or innovators.
Panel A: Who Benefits from Healthcare Big Data?
Panel B: Pharma Industry: If Not Pills, Then What?
Panel C: Is digital health the future of healthcare, a passing trend or a scary bubble?
Panel D: Consumer / Medical Device: Frenemies Forever?

Natalie had development communication with the investors, digital health SMEs and corporations , discussed the purpose of further cooperation.


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Top 5 focuses of Center for Health Statistics and Information in NHFPC

Top 5 focuses of Center for Health Statistics and Information in NHFPC( National health and family planning commission of China)

In the end of January, 2014. The Center for Health Statistics and Information in NHFPC analyzed the statistical information in healthcare under new situations. . Meng Qun, the director of the center, announced the top 5 focuses in the year of 2014.

Firstly, the implementation of national health care informatization and social welfare information projects. The Data from the National Health center would be helpful in budget of hospitals management and interconnection, statistical analysis and decision support system construction, as well as medicine strokes platform construction and analysis of information. Consequently the aim is the promoting of national health care informatization project. On the other hand, to develop the residents’ health card project, the Center for Health Statistics and Information in NHFPC concentrated on three aspects, including the expansion of the residents ‘health card pilot program, Extension application and acceptance of residents’ health card , and working on the system of residents ‘health card registration and administration. Then carrying out building good information management system Commission authority with the operation and maintenance of e-government, information standards development and compliance testing and information security management, providing information technology support guarantee.

The second is carrying out monitoring and evaluation with data analysis in healthcare reform. With regard to Monitoring and evaluation of health care reform, the Center for Health Statistics and Information would improve the monitoring program in 2014, release the monitoring result,carry out statistical analysis, as well as an annual assessment of health care reform and periodic assessment. In addition to these, it would also bring data analysis in pharmaceutical bidding. Among Health statistics decision supports, they were planning to implementing national health survey system and national population-based database construction, regional population database construction, and the births and deaths registration system would be implemented as well as monitoring and database construction upon the cause of death.

Thirdly, doing the national health service research. Including family health survey data analysis, monographic study on healthcare reform, and social hot issues research work.

Fourthly, Strengthening international technological exchange and technology exchange. Implementation of the national science and technology major projects, such as project 863. i solving key technical issues in information technology, and promoting the development of statistical information work. Postdoctors would play the role of information technology training top talent in information technology, strengthening the health personnel planning and statistical information system. And full playing the WHO Collaborating Centre for Information and Informatics role in international exchanges and cooperation. Combining society with magazines and other community resources to carry out academic and technical exchanges.

Last but not least is the construction and development in the center. They planned to do a good job in punishment and prevention system construction, and personnel administration.

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NHS England Open Source Open Day

The NHS England Open Source Programme is creating a diverse range of solutions to increase choice, improve clinical practice and enhance patient engagement, including EHR, ePrescribing, departmental systems such as electronic observations, ophthalmology and integrated cross community portal solutions.
Source: (

On Wednesday, 11 June 2014, The NHS England Open Source Open Day was held in Chelsea Football Club. This event was open to NHS professionals interested in the progress of the NHS England Open Source programme, including the suppliers engaged, the solutions available and the next steps regarding procurement and delivery.
Source: (

Natalie Liao, the Executive Director of British Chinese Society of health Informatics, attended meeting. Natalie helped to develop the UK e-health open source ecosystem framework ( in the year of 2009, the open source community project was a big success, and has received praise from the NHS England. Now she is in high spirits at the prospects of NHS England Open Source Programme, which attracts many multinational health information corporations, such as HP, Cerner. As the head of British Chinese Society of health informatics and The UK-China-Health-Partner, Natalie believes there is a great opportunity to cooperate with NHS England Open Source and other NHS professionals, access to the Chinese market.

Open Source Programme

Natalie Liao

Natalie Liao was the Project Manager at North West London Commissioning Support Unit, she has developed a framework that allows NHS trusts to implement an e-health open source ecosystem that can potentially foster the re-use of software components and promote interoperable software solutions in the NHS to support improved patient-centred care.
This work, which was published in the International Journal of Health Information Management Research, was also awarded the OCLC award for the highest-rated submitted paper at the 15th International Symposium on Health Information Management Research in Switzerland.

Open source skunkworks at EHI Live 2011
14 September 2011


EHealth Insider is bringing a new feature to EHI Live 2011: a healthcare skunkworks that will give visitors the chance to ask questions about how open source software can be used to solve healthcare problems.
The skunkworks is being run in conjunction with Malcolm Newbury, founder of Guildfoss Limited, an open source development company, and co-chair of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise UK.
Vendors who have signed up to support the feature will demonstrate their own solutions and identify, build and showcase solutions to the challenges that EHI readers throw at them.
Newbury said: “The healthcare skunkworks aims to be an engaging, lively feature of the show. It will create opportunities for delegates and visitors to interact with open source developers and see the wide range of healthcare applications that have been built on open source platforms.
“It will also give them a chance to get their burning questions answered. Every question that is sent in will be allocated an answer slot over the two days of the event, when it will be dealt with through a presentation or demonstration.”
He added that challenges might range from how to migrate a hospital website to an open source platform to how to migrate patient administration system data into a cloud-based service, to how to create a social network for staff and patients.
EHI Live 2011 is a two day conference and exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham from 7-8 November. The skunkworks is one of a number of feature areas that will be included within the free exhibition.
Visitors to the exhibition will also be able to hear about exciting projects from around the NHS at the Best Practice Showcase, which has been a popular feature of previous events, and at the brand new EHI Awards Theatre.
Delegates to the conference will be able to hear about the latest in healthcare policy and innovation from a wide range of speakers, including the new head of NHS IT, Katie Davies, and the government’s transparency tsar, Tim Kelsey.

If you have a challenge for the skunkworks, please post it on our special skunkworks page.
You can also read more about skunkworks and open source in Insight.(

June 2011
The very successful Smart Healthcare Live demonstration in June 2011 that will form
the core of the enhanced EHI Live demonstration at the NEC show in November 2011

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(Group UK China Partnership In Health Information and Management)

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IDC Health Insights: China Healthcare IT Market Opportunities

IDC: China Healthcare IT Investments to Reach RMB 33.65 Billion in 2017, Driven By Mobile Application Developments

IDC Health Insights: China Healthcare IT Market Opportunities

China Healthcare IT market 2014 Top 10 Predictions English Version Link:

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19,000 Worcestershire telecare service users will be reassured by new quality accreditation

Tunstall Healthcare is pleased to be supporting Worcestershire Telecare and congratulates them on their success in achieving Platinum Members status under the Telecare Services Association’s Code of Practice accreditation scheme.

Tunstall has worked in partnership with Worcestershire TeleCare (WTC) for almost 30 years and is delighted Worcestershire TeleCare services is the first in the UK to be assessed against the TSA’s new Integrated Code of Practice for Telecare and Telehealth Services,introduced in May 2013.

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