Partnership Structure

我们的合作伙伴 Our Members and Partners:

Swansea University - Founded in 1920, Swansea is a vibrant research-led university. I 斯旺西大学 -成立于1920年,斯旺西是英国威尔士一所活力四射的研究型综合大学

IFmH – 2014 Industry Forum for Mobile Health of China  I IFmH – 2014 移动医疗产业论坛

Yecco – The private network that stores your vital information in one safe place. I  Yecco – 个人移动医疗保健数据方案

mHealth – to lead the management and development of innovative and cost effective healthcare facilities and resources. I mHealth – 引领创新及具成本效益的医疗设施和资源的管理与开发公司。

GGM – Global Growth Markets is a market information database firm helping medical technology companies succeed in their chosen growth markets. I  GGM – 全球增长市场是一个市场信息数据库公司帮助医疗技术公司在自己选择的增长市场取得成功。

HealthXL – HealthXL Partners: IBM, GSK, Novartis, Cleveland Clinic, Silicon Valley Bank, Janssen Healthcare Innovation, Bupa, ICON PLC, Linde Health, Partners HealthCare and ResMed